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5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

Divorces come in all shapes and sizes.  Some divorces are the accumulation of hundreds of small events over the years, while others are the result of a major incident.  Recently, the Huffington Post surveyed 100 couples about what constitutes a “dealbreaker” in marriage.  Below are the top five things each couple should avoid if they… [...]

New Minnesota Bill May Reunite Children and Parents

Minnesota parents who lost custody of their children may soon get a second chance to care for them. A new bill called the Family Reunification Act is making its way through Minnesota legislature, and the act aims at reuniting motivated parents with their children who have previously been placed in foster care. About 400 children… [...]

Mankato Couple Faces 6 Felonies in Child Abuse Case

A Mankato couple has been charged with child abuse after they allegedly starved and beat their adopted 8-year-old son. The couple, Mona Hauer and Russell Hauer, have been charged with 6 felonies including child neglect. The charges were brought after Mona brought the child to the hospital because she thought he was vomiting blood and… [...]