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6 Steps for Throwing Your Friend a Great Divorce Shower

You’ve probably heard of wedding showers and baby showers, but you may not have heard of a divorce shower before.  Divorce showers are becoming a popular way to celebrate the freedoms that come with being newly divorced.  Others use it as a way to cheer up a friend if they are down in the dumps… [...]

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Living Alone after a Divorce

For many people going through a divorce, the prospect of moving out and living alone can be scary.  Although people cope in different ways, there are certain things you can do to make the adjustment easier.  Below, we look at six things you can do to simplify the process. 1)  Change the scenery – Regardless… [...]

New Minnesota Bill Would Provide Adoptive Families with More Funding

A new Minnesota bill is attempting to help increase adoption rates in Minnesota by providing larger subsidies for families who choose to adopt. Adoption advocates say the state’s adoption rate currently stands as the second lowest rate in the nation due in large part to the lack of financial assistance that is provided to adoptive… [...]

Appeals Court Reverses Prenuptial Agreement

A New York mother has made headlines after an appeals court overturned an odd prenuptial agreement with her millionaire husband. Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis, 39, said the prenup she agreed to before she got married stood to leave her with almost nothing.  After a lengthy court battle, Cioffi-Petrakis was able to convince an appeals court that not… [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

Divorces come in all shapes and sizes.  Some divorces are the accumulation of hundreds of small events over the years, while others are the result of a major incident.  Recently, the Huffington Post surveyed 100 couples about what constitutes a “dealbreaker” in marriage.  Below are the top five things each couple should avoid if they… [...]

Abortion and the Rights of Surrogate Mothers

A recent story out of Connecticut has raised legal and ethical questions about the rights of a surrogate parent who has entered into a contract with a couple seeking a child. Crystal Kelley agreed to become a surrogate for a couple who wanted a child, but complications arose when a five-month ultrasound revealed fetal abnormalities. … [...]

New Minnesota Bill May Reunite Children and Parents

Minnesota parents who lost custody of their children may soon get a second chance to care for them. A new bill called the Family Reunification Act is making its way through Minnesota legislature, and the act aims at reuniting motivated parents with their children who have previously been placed in foster care. About 400 children… [...]