Monthly Archives: January 2013

Appeals Court Rules Couple Can’t Sue for Cost of Raising Child

A Wisconsin state appeals court ruled against a West Bend couple who were suing a clinic for the costs of raising a child after the clinic mistakenly gave the mother vitamins instead of birth control pills. Shelby Nell and Austin Omernick brought the suit against West Bend Clinic after Nell’s birth control prescription was filled… [...]

Do I need an Order for Protection?

Sometimes divorces and child custody battles escalate if one party gets angry with the other.  This can leave one partner fearing for their safety or the safety of their children.  To protect against the possibility of physical or verbal abuse, Minnesota law allows residents to file an Order for Protection (OFP) against a certain individual…. [...]

6 Financial Steps to Take After a Divorce

No two divorces are the same.  Some are messy, while others can be relatively clean.  Whether you split with your ex on good terms or bad, there are a few aspects of your life you should review to ensure you come out of the divorce in the best way possible.  Today, we look at six… [...]

Minnesota Divorce Lawyer Billed Client for Sex

A Minnesota divorce lawyer has been suspended indefinitely after engaging in an affair with his client and billing her for time spent while the pair was having sex. Thomas P. Lowe, of Eagan, won’t be eligible for reinstatement for 15 months after the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled against his improper conduct. Lowe had known his… [...]

Minnesotans Concerned Over Potential Russian Adoption Ban

A group of Minnesotans gathered Sunday to protest Russia’s proposed law that would ban American families from adopting Russian children. Senator Amy Klobuchar joined members of the Children’s Home Society and other concerned citizens at the rally that sought to bring attention to the proposed ban. “The demonstration shows that some people in Russia are… [...]

Parenting Consultants Not Always Helpful

As family courts continue to be burdened with increasing divorce and custody issues, some couples are turning to “parenting consultants” to help alleviate stress and resolve issues with their former spouse. The parenting consultant program was created in the mid-1990’s by Dr. Karen Irvin in hopes of giving divorced couples a way of solving their… [...]

January is Most Popular Month for Divorce

As the New Year rolls in, many people look for ways to improve themselves and their relationships.  While some people do this by joining a gym or cutting back on caffeinated drinks, other people do it by divorcing their significant other. In some legal circles, January is considered “Divorce Month”, and according to the website… [...]