Monthly Archives: December 2012

Adoption of Teens on the Rise in Minnesota

Minnesota has seen a rise in the adoption of teens due in large part to a refocused effort to find parents for an age group that often gets overlooked during the adoption process. Teens, siblings and foster children often have a more difficult time getting adopted than infants, but the state is continuing its effort… [...]

Who Pays the Bills During a Divorce?

My spouse and I have separated and we are going to divorce.  Who pays the bills?  Can I open my own bank account?  Should I freeze our credit cards?  These are some of the most common questions parties have at the start of the divorce process. In the early stages of divorce, there are a… [...]

3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Kids when Divorced

Dealing with family dynamics during the holidays can be stressful for everyone. But when you are divorced and have a child with your ex, it can be almost unbearable for parents and children. Organizing visitation schedules and parenting time for Christmas can be an emotionally charged issue. It’s important in these cases to remain calm… [...]

Washington County to Implement Child Support Enforcement Program in 2013

This week Washington County decided that they will carry out a child support enforcement program in 2013. The new enforcement program will bring together the sheriff’s office, the Community Services Department, and the county attorney in a collected effort to assist families in collecting the child support they are owed. This year Washington County was… [...]

Supreme Court Hears Unique International Child Custody Case

A family law case involving an international custody dispute is currently being heard by the US Supreme Court. This is a rare occasion as only 1% of cases presented to the Supreme Court are actually heard, and of this 1%, very few cases are family law related. The case in question involves US Army Sgt…. [...]

App Helps Divorcing Couples Divide Assets

Modern technology continues to play an integral role in divorce proceedings, and a new app is trying to simplify the difficult task of dividing assets during a divorce. iSplit Divorce was developed by George Moskoff after he and his wife of 25 years filed for divorce last year.  Moskoff said he and his wife wrote… [...]

Father of 9 Ordered to Stop Having Children

A Wisconsin judge ordered a father of nine who is late on child support payments to refrain from having more children until he proves he can provide for them. Corey Curtis, 44, has fathered nine children with six different women.  Court documents show that he owes nearly $100,000 in child support payments. Curtis was sentenced… [...]