Monthly Archives: November 2012

Communicative Technology has Benefits, Drawbacks for Divorced Parents

A recent study by the University of Missouri found that communicative devices such as cell phones and email have both helpful and harmful impacts when it comes to co-parenting following a divorce. The study, which was led by Lawrence Ganong and Marilyn Coleman, examined how divorced parents used communicative technologies to manage their co-parenting obligations. … [...]

Minnesota Couple Uses Craigslist to Adopt Son

A Minnesota couple looking to adopt used Craigslist to add another member to their family. After struggling for years to conceive, Tracey and Dan Citron posted an advertisement on Craigslist, a popular area-based marketplace website.  Tammy Nelson, an expecting mother, responded to their ad, and now the Citron’s have a son named Ben. There are… [...]

The Financial and Legal Consequences of Hiding Assets During a Divorce

A divorce can be a difficult experience for those involved for many reasons, but the process can get even more complicated if either spouse attempts to hide assets.  Legally speaking, each couple is required to disclose all assets, but sometimes one partner purposely fails to report assets. How assets are usually hidden during a divorce:… [...]

Filing for Divorce Can Complicate Social Security Collection

Social security collection is a complicated process in itself, but ensuring that you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to becomes even more confusing when trying to collect from an ex-spouse.  In order to receive social security benefits from an ex-spouse, you must: Have been married for a minimum of 10 years. Be unmarried and… [...]

Mankato Couple Faces 6 Felonies in Child Abuse Case

A Mankato couple has been charged with child abuse after they allegedly starved and beat their adopted 8-year-old son. The couple, Mona Hauer and Russell Hauer, have been charged with 6 felonies including child neglect. The charges were brought after Mona brought the child to the hospital because she thought he was vomiting blood and… [...]

November is National Adoption Awareness Month in Minnesota

Minnesota kicked off National Adoption Awareness Month on Sunday with an event for now-adopted foster children. The annual celebration, which focused on child support, allowed former foster children to share their stories with current and prospective foster families.  The event also celebrated the adoption of 540 foster children by Minnesota families in 2011. During the… [...]