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Dividing up Debt in Divorce

With debts at unprecedented levels (especially student loan debt), many divorcing couples are finding themselves splitting up debts rather than assets. Common debts that are divvied up in a divorce proceeding include: Student loan debt Credit card debt Home mortgages Car loans In an uncontested divorce matter, both parties come up with a division of… [...]

5 Documents to Bring to a Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE)

We’ve talked about Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (FENEs) and other important family law acronyms briefly before. Just to recap, a FENE is a voluntary program that divorcing couples can utilize to help them get an idea of how their assets will be divided in the divorce. Now let’s dig a little deeper and take a… [...]

Top 3 Acronyms for Divorcing Parents to Know

As with most areas of law, divorce law is a complex arena. There are a plethora of rules, regulations, terms, and conditions that each divorcing party must be aware of. The best way to enter into a divorce proceeding is to educate yourself. On that note, here are the top 3 acronyms that you need… [...]