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August = National Child Support Awareness Month

This coming month (August) is National Child Support Awareness Month in America. The month was recognized back in 1995 by then-president Bill Clinton, who stated in his official proclamation: “Providing for our children is one of humanity’s worthiest and most fundamental endeavors. Children are the best part of ourselves – the sum of our past… [...]

Syracuse Fan Makes Unusual Child Custody Request

A die-hard Syracuse fan named Michael recently made an odd child custody request in his ongoing divorce settlement. Michael and his ex-wife have two children, a 7-year-old named Julia, and a 5-year-old named Liam. The mother asked to have custody of the children on four Jewish holidays and half of Christmas. Michael, not being a… [...]

Top 3 Ways to Protect Yourself in a MN Custody Dispute

Child custody disputes are often highly contentious and can lead to a court trial if the parties cannot resolve the issues of custody and parenting time outside of court.  Even if you believe that you and the other parent can resolve issues of custody and parenting time outside of court, you should protect your legal… [...]

Judge Upholds Child Support Order in Russian Adoption Case

Last weekend a judge upheld a child support order for a woman who ended her adoption of a 7-year-old Russian boy by sending him back to Russia on a plane by himself. Tennessee resident Torry Hansen sent her adopted son Artyom Saveliev back to his home country of Russia back in 2010 with nothing but… [...]

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce Raises Questions of Property Division

In the wake of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ recent divorce filing, there has been a lot of discussion about property division in divorce. Celebrity divorces are among the most expensive simply because of how much money celebrities are worth. But property division is not as simple as cutting everything in half. Often, one divorcing… [...]

Should Parents who Fail to Pay Child Support go to Jail? recently ran an excellent point/counterpoint series on the topic of whether or not a parent who fails to pay child support should go to jail. Here is a summary of each the arguments made on both sides of the issue: Pro – Parents should go to jail Failing to pay child support puts extra… [...]