Monthly Archives: April 2012

Controversial Child Custody Bill Passed by MN House

A new controversial child custody bill was recently passed by the Minnesota House and now moves to the Senate for a vote. If passed into law, the bill would add a presumption of joint custody (both physical and legal). The purpose of this is to balance the child custody system, which some say heavily favors the mother over… [...]

New Alabama Bill Would Make Divorce Difficult

A new bill in the Alabama legislature would make it more difficult to get divorced for couples who enter into a covenant marriage. The bill would make it a requirement for couples to undergo counseling before a covenant marriage, and more counseling before getting divorced. It would also limit the legitimate reasons for divorce to include the… [...]

Maryland Court Considers Lesbian Divorce Case

The Maryland High Court is currently considering a divorce case involving a married lesbian couple. Same sex marriage is currently not legal in Maryland. The couple in question married in California in 2008 when it was legal for same sex couples to marry. In 2010, a Maryland judge denied them a divorce, saying that their… [...]

Divorce Rates Rising Amongst Baby Boomers

New research shows that divorce rates among baby boomers are higher than ever. Couples over 50 were twice as likely to divorce in 2009, than 50+ couples back in 1990. Divorce today does not carry the same stigma as it did twenty or thirty years ago. Today, social changes have caused older individuals to accept divorce more… [...]