Monthly Archives: March 2012

India Court Rules Denying Sex is Grounds for Divorce

The India High Court in Delhi recently ruled that a spouse denying sex during marriage is cruelty and grounds for divorce. The particular case in question is that of a “sex-starved” husband who claims his wife denied him sex on their wedding night and throughout their marriage. The man reports that his wife acted like… [...]

Is Divorce Bad for the Economy?

A new study by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute finds a connection between divorce rates and the state of the economy. More specifically, the study determined that divorce negatively influences productivity, which negatively impacts the economy. Conversely, healthy marriages were found to be linked to a healthy economy. “Marriage causes economic growth,” said Henry Potrykus, one… [...]

Florida Same-Sex Divorce Case May Change Law

A same-sex child custody battle in Florida now faces the Supreme Court and could end up changing a decades-old law. Here’s the situation. A lesbian couple from Florida decided to have a child 8 years ago. One of the women donated an egg to the other, who carried the child to childbirth. Only two years later, the… [...]

Pet Custody Divorce Cases on the Rise

Divorce cases involving pet custody are on the rise across the country. A 2006 survey of 1,600 divorce attorneys found that the number of pet custody cases had increased since 2001, with 25% of those surveyed reporting a significant increase. Another survey is in the works, but many professionals are confident that the results will show… [...]