Monthly Archives: February 2012

Hennepin County Re-examines Closed Child Support Cases

The state of Minnesota has ordered Hennepin County to re-examine numerous child support cases that were closed too soon. Hennepin County has a policy of closing cases in which no payments have been made in five years. The county considers these fees to be uncollectable. Hennepin has agreed to cooperate in the re-examination, but it’s doubtful that… [...]

Child Custody Laws Called into Question Following Tragedy

This past Tuesday, Josh Powell killed himself and his two sons, Chalres and Braden, by setting his house on fire. The story really begins in 2009, when Powell’s wife went missing in Utah. She has still not been found. Powell has been a person of interest in the case since the disappearance. This, among other… [...]

Could Giving Divorced Dads More Rights be Dangerous?

A new piece of proposed legislation in England aims to achieve more equality in child custody settlements. The legislation touts the importance of a child having contact with both their mother and father. But David Norgrove argues that his recent findings in the independent family law review, prove that “the law should not be changed.” This is… [...]