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How Can My Spouse’s Dishonesty Affect My Divorce in Minnesota?

There are many reasons why spouses decide to go their separate ways, but it is far from uncommon that one of the reasons is often dishonesty of one of the spouses.  The most common ways dishonesty makes its way into a divorce discussion is in the form of lying about finances or having an extramarital… [...]

What is the Likelihood of Receiving Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota Divorce?

In marriage and divorce, often both parties are not on completely equal levels regarding their respective income.  This often results in the parties leaving the marriage with different standards of living and disposable income. Spousal maintenance, or alimony, is not as common as it once was in Minnesota divorces.  Minnesota law defines who qualifies to… [...]

Bankruptcy Laws and Divorce in Minnesota

In this economy, bankruptcy and divorce do often come hand in hand.  Many people facing financial difficulties are also dealing with the increased strain that places on their marriage, and sometimes it comes to a breaking point.  The question is then, which step do you take first? If both parties intend to file bankruptcy, it… [...]