Monthly Archives: September 2010

Chemical Dependency and Parenting Time

Chemical dependency is an issue that can affect an individual’s ability to parent their children.  If an individual does not have control over their addiction, it can be unsafe to put children in their care without any safeguards in place or supervision from a third party. Often when chemical dependency is a problem in a… [...]

How Does an Order For Protection Impact My Family Law Case in Minnesota?

Individuals who have been subjected to violence or have fear of imminent bodily harm are able to obtain an Order For Protection (OFP) to protect themselves from their abusers.  An OFP allows for criminal repercussions when contact is made between the abuser and the victim in any way, whether through phone, email, text messages, or… [...]

Interstate and International Custody Disputes and Minnesota Law

In many divorce and custody cases involving children, the parties both stay in the state of Minnesota and the courts within the state will continue to make all determinations regarding custody and parenting time for the children.  However, there are situations where the parties both move out of state or even out of the country… [...]