Monthly Archives: August 2010

Motions for Reconsideration

Almost always when parties go to court and the judge makes his or her decision, someone will not be happy with the results.   That is why it is preferred by the court that parties resolve their disputes without needing its involvement.  What can be done if you are the party that is not happy? In… [...]

Divorce Rates In Minnesota Reported To Be On The Rise

A recent article published in the Star Tribune comments on the increase in divorce rates in the state of Minnesota, where over the past few years the rates have been declining. Compared with the same period in 2009, Judge Tanja Manrique of Hennepin County Family Court noted an 8 percent rise in divorce case filings… [...]

Facebook’s Role in Family Court Proceedings

A case recently made national headlines where a wife from Ohio allegedly found out her husband had married another woman in Florida by seeing the pictures on the other woman’s Facebook page.  This case is now going through heavy litigation regarding interstate custody matters, jurisdiction, and determinations of whether the marriage is valid or not. … [...]

How Do I Get a Fair Settlement If I Don’t Know What My Spouse Has?

In every divorce case, the issue of a property settlement must be addressed.  Every marriage results in either assets to be divided, debts to be divided, or both.  Sometimes, only one spouse has been responsible for paying bills and making purchasing decisions.  The other spouse may have no idea how much money (or debt) the… [...]