Monthly Archives: July 2010

How Are Expenses of the Children Divided in Child Support Awards?

When parents are separated, there will almost always be a child support obligation from one parent to the other to support the children financially.  Basic child support is determined based off of a calculation, taking into account both parents’ gross monthly incomes and the amount of time each parent spends with the children.  More information… [...]

New Study: Is Divorce Contagious?

ABC News aired an interview with James Fowler, the author of a study concluding that divorce is contagious.  In the interview, Fowler states: “We followed thousands of people over 30 years.  We found that if your friend gets divorced, it increases the likelihood that you’ll get divorced by about 147 percent.” Fowler’s study did not… [...]

Divorce Proceedings in Minnesota with Out-of-State Parties

We receive calls often from out of state parties who have been served with divorce papers from Minnesota or who would like to divorce someone in the state of Minnesota but do not know what to do.  There are many elements that determine which state you should file your case in. First, if you have… [...]

How Do I Establish My Parental Rights in Minnesota?

Many of our clients are unmarried parents.  With marriage comes automatic parental rights.  When you are not married, the father must go to court to establish his rights before he is able to enforce them. Custody cases for unmarried parents start in one of two ways.  If the parents never did anything to show that… [...]