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Child Custody Do’s and Don’ts During The Holidays

Getting through the holidays can be stressful enough without having to juggle parenting time with an ex.  Small disagreements can spiral out of control as emotions run high this time of year. Below, Family Law Attorney Amanda Crain shares some do’s and don’t’s for managing child custody issues during the holidays. DO: Review your current… [...]

Parents Could Lose Custody of Child Over Failure to Treat

A custody battle between an Ohio family and a hospital has sparked a national debate over who should have the final say in providing lifesaving treatment to minors. The case at hand involves an Amish family that decided to take their 10-year-old daughter off of a chemotherapy regimen designed to treat her leukemia diagnosis because… [...]

Man Ordered to Tell Women He’s a Deadbeat Dad

Wisconsin has seen its fair share of odd child support cases in the past few months.  In December we wrote about a Wisconsin father who was ordered to stop having more children until he could prove that he could provide for the nine children he’s already fathered.  Today, we’ve learned about a Wisconsin judge who… [...]

Do I need an Order for Protection?

Sometimes divorces and child custody battles escalate if one party gets angry with the other.  This can leave one partner fearing for their safety or the safety of their children.  To protect against the possibility of physical or verbal abuse, Minnesota law allows residents to file an Order for Protection (OFP) against a certain individual…. [...]

3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Kids when Divorced

Dealing with family dynamics during the holidays can be stressful for everyone. But when you are divorced and have a child with your ex, it can be almost unbearable for parents and children. Organizing visitation schedules and parenting time for Christmas can be an emotionally charged issue. It’s important in these cases to remain calm… [...]

Supreme Court Hears Unique International Child Custody Case

A family law case involving an international custody dispute is currently being heard by the US Supreme Court. This is a rare occasion as only 1% of cases presented to the Supreme Court are actually heard, and of this 1%, very few cases are family law related. The case in question involves US Army Sgt…. [...]

Father of 9 Ordered to Stop Having Children

A Wisconsin judge ordered a father of nine who is late on child support payments to refrain from having more children until he proves he can provide for them. Corey Curtis, 44, has fathered nine children with six different women.  Court documents show that he owes nearly $100,000 in child support payments. Curtis was sentenced… [...]