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Shared Parenting Rulings on the Rise in the US

An increasing amount of states are shifting towards a shared parenting presumption in family law cases, as proponents believe children are better served if they can spend equal time with both parents. “The best interest of the child or children trump the interests of the filing parent,” said Tom Barnett, the executive director of the… [...]

Inactive Status Allows Minnesota Couples To Reconsider Divorce

No two divorces are the same. Some are amicable, while others are a little testier. Sometimes a person files for divorce after months of evaluation, other times it occurs in a quick moment of clarity.  However a couple comes to the decision to file for divorce is up to them, but sometimes the partners begin… [...]

Parents Often Overlook Impact Divorce Has On Children

A new study suggests that many divorcing parents overlook the effects separation has on children, which means parents might unintentionally be making the split harder than it needs to be on their kids. Separate studies conclude that the elements of a divorce are viewed differently from the eyes of a child. According to researchers: Children… [...]

Drinking Habits Impact Divorce Likelihood

A new study out of the University of Buffalo found that couples who have similar drinking habits are less likely to get a divorce than a pair who have disproportion consumption habits.  For their study, researchers tracked newlyweds over a nine-year period. They found: Couples who have similar drinking habits sought a divorce 30 percent… [...]

Dealing With Divorce During The Holidays

For some, holidays can be a great time to celebrate the season with friends and family, but for others, it can be a very stressful time of year. If your relationship is on the rocks heading into the holidays, the extra stress could push you over the edge. Family Law Attorney Katie Lammers says she… [...]

Divorce Likelihood Decreases As Number of Siblings Rises

Research suggests that the more brothers and sisters a person has, the less likely they are to go through a divorce. Based on data encompassing over 57,000 adults between 1972 and 2012, researchers found that each additional sibling a person has (up to seven) decreased their likelihood of divorce by two percent. “There are a… [...]

A Collaborative Approach to Divorce

Issues like asset division and child visitation rights can bog down divorce proceedings, lengthening a process that neither party wants to drag on, but a fresh approach to divorce mediation may help speed up the process and leave couples on better terms. Collaborative divorce is one of the latest attempts to make the separation process… [...]