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Parents Often Overlook Impact Divorce Has On Children

A new study suggests that many divorcing parents overlook the effects separation has on children, which means parents might unintentionally be making the split harder than it needs to be on their kids. Separate studies conclude that the elements of a divorce are viewed differently from the eyes of a child. According to researchers: Children… [...]

Study Shows Divorce May Be Harder on Men

New findings reported in Journal of Men’s Health found that men may be at greater risk to suffer harmful health effects following a divorce. The peer-reviewed publication suggests that men are at a higher risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke than their married counterparts, and they are 39 percent more likely to… [...]

Summer Months Put Strain on Relationships

As we noted in a blog post earlier this week, the back-to-school season can be hectic for divorced parents, but a new study shows that it’s the summer months that can lead couples to split. The report outlines three main factors that could increase the likelihood of a divorce, including: Increased pressure of balancing work… [...]

Couples Say Cost of Splitting is Top Concern in a Divorce

A new study by Avvo revealed that the cost of splitting up is the top concern among divorcing couples. The poll asked 890 individuals and 447 attorneys to evaluate the top concerns of going through a divorce. Some of the survey findings were: 58 percent of respondents without children listed the cost of a divorce… [...]

Unique Advertising Hopes to Prevent Child Abuse in Spain

An advertising campaign in Spain is taking a unique approach to protect kids who are victims of child abuse; by targeting them at their level.  Literally. The campaign was started by an organization called the Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation, and their advertisements display different messages depending on what angle you view… [...]

Minimum Parenting Time Rules Unlikely to Change in Minnesota in 2013

Family law legislation like the Family Reunification Act or the adoptive placement bill have been making waves in 2013, but one bill that will not be voted on this year surrounds how much minimum parenting time each parent receives after a divorce. Last year, Governor Mark Dayton shot down a bill that would have increased… [...]

New Minnesota Bill Would Provide Adoptive Families with More Funding

A new Minnesota bill is attempting to help increase adoption rates in Minnesota by providing larger subsidies for families who choose to adopt. Adoption advocates say the state’s adoption rate currently stands as the second lowest rate in the nation due in large part to the lack of financial assistance that is provided to adoptive… [...]