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Shared Parenting Rulings on the Rise in the US

An increasing amount of states are shifting towards a shared parenting presumption in family law cases, as proponents believe children are better served if they can spend equal time with both parents. “The best interest of the child or children trump the interests of the filing parent,” said Tom Barnett, the executive director of the… [...]

Child Custody Do’s and Don’ts During The Holidays

Getting through the holidays can be stressful enough without having to juggle parenting time with an ex.  Small disagreements can spiral out of control as emotions run high this time of year. Below, Family Law Attorney Amanda Crain shares some do’s and don’t’s for managing child custody issues during the holidays. DO: Review your current… [...]

Study Shows Divorce May Be Harder on Men

New findings reported in Journal of Men’s Health found that men may be at greater risk to suffer harmful health effects following a divorce. The peer-reviewed publication suggests that men are at a higher risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke than their married counterparts, and they are 39 percent more likely to… [...]

Parents Could Lose Custody of Child Over Failure to Treat

A custody battle between an Ohio family and a hospital has sparked a national debate over who should have the final say in providing lifesaving treatment to minors. The case at hand involves an Amish family that decided to take their 10-year-old daughter off of a chemotherapy regimen designed to treat her leukemia diagnosis because… [...]

Couple Battling Through 10-Year Divorce

Most people who have to go through a divorce hope the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible, but that’s the exact opposite of what’s going on in a courtroom in Connecticut. Although the divorce has gone through, David Zilkha and his ex-wife Karen Kaiser have been embattled in a 10-year tussle over stipulations… [...]

Summer Months Put Strain on Relationships

As we noted in a blog post earlier this week, the back-to-school season can be hectic for divorced parents, but a new study shows that it’s the summer months that can lead couples to split. The report outlines three main factors that could increase the likelihood of a divorce, including: Increased pressure of balancing work… [...]

Couples Say Cost of Splitting is Top Concern in a Divorce

A new study by Avvo revealed that the cost of splitting up is the top concern among divorcing couples. The poll asked 890 individuals and 447 attorneys to evaluate the top concerns of going through a divorce. Some of the survey findings were: 58 percent of respondents without children listed the cost of a divorce… [...]