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5 Steps for Introducing Your New Partner to Your Children

Divorce usually takes an emotional toll on all involved.  While you may feel happy or encouraged by your fresh start, the separation of their mother and father can be extremely hard on kids.  While everyone deserves to be happy, it’s important to properly address your children’s emotional state before jumping back into the dating pool. … [...]

Man Ordered to Tell Women He’s a Deadbeat Dad

Wisconsin has seen its fair share of odd child support cases in the past few months.  In December we wrote about a Wisconsin father who was ordered to stop having more children until he could prove that he could provide for the nine children he’s already fathered.  Today, we’ve learned about a Wisconsin judge who… [...]

Divorce isn’t the End – President’s Day Edition

Some people believe that a divorce will tarnish their image or define who they are as a person.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth, and Ronald Reagan proved that when he became the first divorced person to be elected president in 1980. Reagan met his first wife in 1938 while acting in the film… [...]

How to Handle Your First Valentine’s Day after Divorce

February 14th goes by a lot of different names, such as: Valentine’s Day Anti-Valentine’s Day National Singles’ Awareness Day While Valentine’s Day may be tough for people regardless of their relationship status, it can be particularly difficult for someone who is experiencing the day for the first time as a divorcee. The thought of spending… [...]

Minnesota Judge Puts Children First

The following article has been around for over 10 years, but its message is so powerful that we wanted to share it on our blog. In 2001, Judge Michael Haas presided over a difficult and particularly nasty divorce case.  He felt that the two parties were so angry with one another that they were neglecting… [...]

Study Shows Alcohol’s Impact on Divorce

Many couples are snatching up dinner reservations as Valentine’s Day creeps closer, but the amount of alcohol consumed on these dates may indicate how successful the relationship will be in the long term. A new study out of Norway collected data from nearly 20,000 married couples, and researchers uncovered some interesting information as it pertains… [...]

Study Shows Divorce’s Impact on Children’s Grades

A new study out of the UK found that students whose parents divorce after they turn seven are significantly more likely to see a drop in school performance. The research examined children of all age groups, and it attempted to determine how children are affected by a variety of factors.  The study concluded those children… [...]